Questions for Bathroom Renovations Contractors.

Major bathroom renovations can be difficult to DIY. Because of this, you’ll want to entrust them to professional remodelers instead of trying to accomplish the project on your own. However, not all remodelers are created equal, so you should do your research to find the right contractor to trust. You can start by asking these questions:

How long have you been a remodeler?.

Ideally, you should hire a company that has been in the residential renovation industry for years or even decades. Their length of experience will provide you with the assurance that they have the expertise to bring your dream bathroom to life.

Are you licensed?.

Contractors without the required licenses most likely don’t have the right level of skills, training, and experience to do a great job. So, when you hire an unlicensed contractor, you have higher chances of dealing with low-quality workmanship and poor customer service.

Are you insured?.

When you hire a remodeler without liability insurance and workers’ compensation, you’ll be financially liable for any accidents that would occur on site, and you’ll have to pay for any bodily injuries or property damage that might arise from these accidents. To spare yourself from the hassle and expenses, make sure to hire a complete renovation company that’s fully insured.

Who will do the work?.

With some companies, the person who provides you with estimates and answers your questions might not necessarily be the same person who’ll handle your bathroom remodel. So, before anything else, ask to speak with the remodeler who’s assigned to work on your project. This way, you’ll know who’s responsible for your remodel and decide if they’re the right person for the job.

Find the right remodeling contractor by asking these questions! If you live in Pembroke Pines, FL, you don’t need to search far and wide since All City Bathroom Remodeling is always here to help you. Dial (954) 588-0774 now to learn more about our bathroom renovations services!